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Titus Flowbar 1
The industry’s best linear air bar. Where your imagination is the only limitation. Speculations Newsletter
Titus Flowbar Specifications
The quality answer for engineered Make-up Air packages and Unit Heaters. Speculations Newsletter
Sterling Specifications 1
Sterling Specifications 2
Titus GRDs
Grilles, Registers and Diffusers for everyday applications, all with local availability. Speculations Newsletter
Titus GRDs Specifications
AJ Manufacturing
A surprise source for quality Stainless Steel Grilles, Registers and Diffusers. Speculations Newsletter
AJ Manufacturing Specifications
Air Distribution you want people to see. Round Registers, Nozzles and Spot Diffusers. Speculations Newsletter
Seiho Specifications
Titus Flowbar 2
Revisited with the focus on its unique installation advantages in “Why the best costs less!” Speculations Newsletter
Titus Flowbar 2 Specifications
Young Regulator
Practical solutions for everyday problems with Bowden Cable Controls and Opposed Blade Balancing Dampers. Speculations Newsletter
Young Regulator Specifications
Titus Zcom
Individually responsive Digital Diffusers define a new level of comfort and control. Speculations Newsletter
Titus Zcom Diffuser Specifications
Titus Zcom Zone Manager Specifications
Creative concepts in air distribution systems from the industry leader in fabric air dispersion. Speculations Newsletter
DuctSox Specifications

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