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AIR DISTRIBUTION Grilles/registers/diffusers; Flowbar, linear slots; laminar flow diffusers, security grilles, drum louvers, underfloor diffusers, VAV and thermal diffusers. Chilled beams and displacement ventilation.
TERMINAL UNITS VAV, constant volume and fan-powered boxes; underfloor terminals and retrofit assemblies; pneumatic, electric, analog or DDC controls.
FAN COILS/AIR HANDLERS Vertical stack, horizontal, floor and cabinet fan coil units. Horizontal and vertical belt-driven air handlers, indoor and outdoor, to 9,000 CFM.

FANS & VENTILATORS Complete line of centrifugal roof and wall ventilators, grease fans, inline fans, ceiling fans, propeller fans & gravity vents.
CENTRIFUGAL & AXIAL FANS Applied blowers, utility sets, tubular centrifugals, plug, plenum and industrial fans. Tube axial, vane axial, duct fans and mixed flow fans. Centrifugal and mixed flow lab exhaust systems.

FIRE, SMOKE & COMBINATION DAMPERS Complete line of U.L. Listed products.
CONTROL & BACKDRAFT DAMPERS Commercial, Industrial and specialty.
LOUVERS AND PENTHOUSES Extruded, fabricated, stationary, adjustable and more.
POWER/BALANCE SYSTEM Patented remote air balancing system utilizing a hand held 9-volt power pack. No line voltage required.

LINEAR AIR DISTRIBUTION The widest selection of Air Bar linear slot diffusers from the company that invented Architectural Air Bar.

STAINLESS STEEL AIR DISTRIBUTION Type 304 or 316 stainless steel grilles, registers, diffusers, linear slots, bar linear, drum louvers, security outlets, perforated screens, extractors and dampers.

COMMERCIAL HVAC AIR FILTERS & HOUSINGS Disposable, pleated, bag and HEPA filters; side access and bag-in/bag-out housings; mist eliminators, gas phase filtration and dust collectors. Filtration and APC products for every application.

VENTILATION The largest selection of Title 24 compliant ENERGY STAR rated fans available; Single Port, Multi-Port, Blending, Distribution and Filtering.
VOLUME CONTROL Constant Airflow Regulators compensate for changes in duct pressure caused by thermal stack effect, building pressure, filter loading, etc., eliminating the need for on-site balancing.

KITCHEN VENTILATION APU (Air Purification Unit) for control of grease, smoke and odors permitting horizontal discharge of kitchen exhaust in high rise buildings.

SILENCERS & NOISE AND CONTROL SYSTEMS Sound attenuators, acoustical louvers and panels, “No-Fill” silencers, elbow silencers, transfer silencers and cone silencers.

SMALL AIR HANDLING UNITS Unique belt drivenunits featuring double wall construction and internal isolation. Hydronic and DX coils, 2 Tons to 20 Tons.

FANS Specialty fans for unusual applications including axial, radial, inline, mixed flow and centrifigal.
IRIS DAMPERS Interlocking steel plate design establishes new standards for air control and measurement. Ideal for clean rooms, labs and corrosive environments.

GAS DETECTION HVAC systems, analog and digital. CO, CO2 and refrigerant.

FABRIC AIR DISPERSION Uniform conditioned air for open ceiling architecture. LabSox diffusers for critical environments and UFSox for under floor applications.

INDUSTRIAL/ COMMERCIAL Corrosion resistant and explosion proof fans and blowers for methane gas, fume hoods, sanitation plants or any corrosive environment.
RESIDENTIAL/HI-RISE Plastic and metal inline fans, dryer booster fans, bathroom and laundry exhaust, termination boxes, discharge grilles and linear perimeter louvers.

STEAM HUMIDIFIERS Immersion element type with permanent, cleanable, stainless steel chamber. Gas, electric and steam to steam.
DUCT HEATERS Electric open coil or tubular designs. Full modulation without the high cost of SCRs.

VENTILATION FANS Whisper series ceiling and inline fans featuring super quiet operation, long life TE motors and ENERGY STAR ratings.


Complete line of Variable Speed Drives including fractional horse power Micro Drives as well as Open and Closed Drives available up to and above 100 horse power models. Exclusive Active Energy Control energy optimizing algorithm capable of assuring motor stability while achieving superior energy savings.

COMMERCIAL AIR CURTAINS Complete line of heated and unheated models with standard stainless steel construction for long service life.

LAMINAR FLOW SPECIALISTS Diffusers and systems for surgeries, isolation rooms and clean rooms. Components or complete system and ceiling design.

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLES Aluminum round registers, spot diffusers and turbo nozzles. Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and distinctive architectural styles.

DAMPERING DEVICES Remote BOWDEN cable control systems, motorized zone dampers, high quality operators, regulators, miter gears, worm gears, hardware and assemblies. New EBD series electronic balancing dampers.

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